Indoor Covert DVR


Home & Office Surveillance DVR

  • Covert DVR in thermometer design
  • Quick and easy installation / un-installation
  • Real time record any video and audio evidence
  • PIR sensor activates recording and photo shooting when heat source is detected
  • RTC (real time clock) function
  • 1080p Full HD video at 30fps MOV. format
  • Overwrite function
  • Continuous / PIR activated recording modes
  • LED status bar
    (1) Green: Charging
    (2) Bright Green: Overwrite on
    (3) Blue: Power on / Low battery
    (4) Red: Video recording / Photo shooting
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PV-TM10FHD(spec) (285 KB)
PV-TM10FHD(guide) (773 KB)
PV-TM10FHD(CE) (1.0 MB)
PV-TM10FHD(FCC) (1.1 MB)