LawMate Croatia (Also ex-Yugo)

LawMate Croatia (Also ex-Yugo)

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Company information:
Beling d.o.o.
Franje Čandeka 23B
51000 Rijeka

VAT No. HR 80249393012

Registered at the Commercial Court of Rijeka
MBS 040024305
The initial capital of a company 330.000,00 kn
Partner managers: Darko First and Damir First
Fax: +385 51 671 542

Working hours:
Monday - Friday / 8.00 - 16.00h

Contact information:
Web-Shop related inquiries:
E: damir@spyshopeurope.com
T: + 385 51 673 061

E: aleksandra@spyshopeurope.com
T: + 385 51 673 400

E: sales@spyshopeurope.com

General sales:
E: brigita@beling.hr
T: + 385 51 672 252

E: damir.first@beling.hr
T: + 385 51 673 061

Beling d.o.o. is active in the field of surveillance and counter-surveillance solutions since 1990. Our headquarters are located in Rijeka, Croatia where we have a local retail partner.

For 27 years our company is working with government institutions and companies providing consultation services and supply solutions
Through our websites we also provide mid tier solutions to retail customers in accordance to legal restrictions inside European Union.
Currently we provide Lawmate solutions to our customer through our 4 web sites:
http://www.spyshopeurope.com - English
https://www.lawmate.com.de - German
https://www.lawmate-italia.com/ - Italian
http://www.lawmate.hr – Croatian