PV-500HDW Pro Remote Control

  • Amazing wireless RF Remote Control Switch Transmitter+ Receiver to control the PV-500HDW Pro remotely
  • Stable performance and simple to use design
  • Easy operation with Red/ Green/Blue LED indicator
  • Vibration alert gives you instant feedback for the device status
  • Rechargeable batteries for the transmitter
  • Operatiing range up to 10 meter
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PI-RF60(guide) (378 KB)
PI-RF60(spec) (208 KB)

Item Number PI-RF60 Spec
Frequency Range 470MHz-510MHZ
Frequency Shift Keying FSK/GFSK
Power Supply Direct 1.8~3.6V
Current Consumption Tx≤18mA,Rx≤8mA,Standby≤6mA
PI-RF50TX Battery 230mAH,Standby hour: 18-20 Hour
Transmitted Power 0~+20dBm
RX Sensitivity -115dBm@10Kbps
On-Air Data Rate 2k~250 kbps
Operating Temp -35℃~85℃