CM-EP10 – Earphone Camera


Earphone design Camera

Earphone design Camera


LawMate VGA High Video Quality Earphone Design Camera

Improved video quality – Best choice for miniature covert camera

Product Specification:

  • Miniature size video camera, simple to use in covert mission
  • Improved video quality- best choice for miniature camera 
  • High resolution and low power consumption CMOS sensor
  • Camera records with high resolution and consumes low power,
  • CMOS camera captures images with crystal clear picture quality.
  • Complete power and cable accessories kit to use in various applications
  • Standard audio and video analogue output compatible with common AV devices
  • Soft silicon ear plug

CM-EP10 Spec Sheet


Suggested DVR:

PV-50 – Matchbox size portable DVR

PV-500L2 – 3 inch portable DVR

PV-500EVO2 – 3 inch touch screen portable DVR